This page offers a wide range of experiments covering various fields including biology, chemistry, and ecology. Each experiment includes a brief background on the underlying science, a list of required supplies, and detailed instructions. When you purchase our EduVis Spectrometer, you will also receive a free PDF workbook containing 20 essential high school experiments.

27 research ideas for high school students utilizing VIS spectrometry

We have put together a list that showcases just a few experiments that are now possible with our EduVIS spectrometer. Download here

Identification of Microplastics in rivers using VIS spectroscopy

Paper focuses on a growing microplastic pollution and the methods for its identification using VIS spetroscopy. Due to the nature of the experiments, this research idea is suitable for secondary schools. Download here

Spectrometry in High Schools

In this document you will find a short introduction to spectrometry and its countless uses in High Schools. Download here

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