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Our Mission

We believe that everyone should be able to have access to advanced laboratory instruments, hence our new line of products,  designed with simplicity and price in mind.

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Our products are designed specifically to meet the following criteria:


People need years of training to be able to use ONE instrument. With our devices the machine and the software do most of the hard work, you just need to read the results 


Price is usually the single factor that holds people back from purchasing their new equipment, but it's mostly just a result of unreasonably high margins. We will change that!


Why spend thousands on multiple instruments if you can do al the work on just one? Take a look at our "Resources" tab an see for yourself

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We believe in healthy relationships hence customer satisfaction is our main priority. Whether you have a question, complaint, inquiry or a funny joke to tell, feel free to fill in a form and we will get to you as soon as possible.